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Top 20 oldest secondary schools in Nigeria – These schools are older than time

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The oldest secondary schools in Nigeria: There are thousands of secondary schools in Nigeria, some where established before the birth of so many people in the 90’s while some were recently established. These secondary schools are recognized today because of how long they have been in existence. The list is long but here are the top 20 oldest secondary schools in Nigeria:

(1) Baptist Academy, Lagos : (1855)

(2) CMS Grammar School, Lagos: (1859)

(3) Methodist Boys High School, Lagos : (1878)

(4) Methodist Girls High School, Lagos : (1879)

(5) Hope Waddell school, Calabar: (1895)

(6) Saint Annes School, Ibadan : (1896)

(7) The old Wesley college, Elekuro (now Wesley college of science, Ibadan) : (1905)

(8) Abeokuta Grammar School, Ogun : (1908)


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