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Funny Apkos Jokes: Our Problem

Mr. Akpos comes back from work. As he enters the sitting room, his wife asked: Wife: Darling! Why are you looking so sad? Akpos: Sweetheart, I have a problem at my office. Wife: Don’t say you have a problem. You should say we have a problem because we are now married. Your problem is also my problem. Akpos: OK, we have a problem in our office. Wife: And what is the problem, darling? Akpos: Our sec...[Read More]

Funny Sergeant Apkos

A conversation between Sergeant Akpos and his superior Commanding Officer: Commanding Officer: Sergeant Akpos! Akpos: Yes Saah! Commanding Officer: Are you ready to fight for your country? Akpos: Yes saaah!! Commanding Officer: Are you ready to die for you country? Akpos: Yes Saaaaaaah!!! Commanding Officer : We are transferring you from Lagos to Borno State to tackle Boko Haram. Akpos: I retire s...[Read More]

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